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Musica: ErasedTapesRecords è orgogliosa di presentare: David Allred

Posted by Freemilano su 4 settembre 2018

#Musica #ErasedTapesRecords è orgogliosa di presentare: #DavidAllred: il multi-strumentista e produttore al debutto col primo disco solista, “The Transition”, in uscita il 2 novembre. “The Garden” primo brano online.  www.erasedtapes.com

dopo le sue numerose collaborazioni – l’ultima con Peter Broderick per “Find the Ways”, nel cui video di “The Ways” girato da Robert Raths, compaiono, tra i tanti, anche Rick Rubin, Olafur Arnalds e Nils Frahm –  il multi-strumentista e produttore californiano presenta il suo primo disco solista, in uscita il 2 novembre per Erased Tapes Records/Audioglobe


“The Transition”



release date: 2 NOVEMBRE 2018



1. Scoop Troop 2. For Catherine E. Coulson 3. RAndy and Susan 4. The Transition

5. Impending Imperative Change 6. The Garden 7. The Mirror of Time

8. For the Penguins 9. For Only All 10. Poet Tree

ad anticipare “The Transition”, il brano “The Garden”:


“The Garden represents my mental health as I strive to develop a better relationship with the way we live, learn, and communicate through the internet.

The process of accepting and contributing to the way that we are expected to represent ourselves online is inherently at odds with our ability to connect and understand

each other on a personal level. We live in a time where technology assertively taps into our biological need to feel human connection, and it is in our best interest to adapt

as well as possible to this ideological paradigm, in spite of all the illusions we encounter along the way.”– David Allred

Following on from last year’s collaborative release Find The Ways with Peter Broderick, the Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist David Allred returns with a first solo album on Erased Tapes out November 2nd, titled The Transition.

Hailing from Loomis, a small town outside of Sacramento, via Portland, Oregon – David worked as a sound engineer and session musician, featuring on multiple recordings by the likes of Birger Olsen, Brigid Mae Power, Brumes, The Beacon Sound Choir, Chantal Acda, Heather Woods Broderick, Jung Body, Masayoshi Fujita, and many more. He quickly found himself touring Europe with Peter, culminating in a Royal Festival Hall performance, and contributing the arresting voice and double bass piece Ahoy to the Erased Tapes 10th anniversary box set 1+1=X; only to return to where he started, Loomis, and finally write and record The Transition as his first full-length statement in just one month.

“At 26 years old, I found myself back in the town where I grew up, feeling a bit like a failure for not “making it” out there in the years I spent living and working on my own. I picked up a job working in a retirement home, surrounded by those who are at the very end of their lives, and they’ve kept saying the same thing: that they had no idea life would happen that fast. So I decided to make an album inspired by my recent experiences and stories I heard through working with them,” he explains.

With the release of The Transition, David Allred takes his place among the classic American songwriting tradition whilst revealing a peculiarity to his storytelling. Isolated and cut off from the outside world, David began unravelling his life and putting it on record. With a double bass in his bedroom and a piano in a church across the street, the stories started to unfold until a set of ten songs came to life. Vignettes and feelings from his own experiences, as well as characters he met along the way, inspired a rich tapestry of stories and melodies.

“This record is primarily about change, coming to terms with it, and not getting too attached to any particular phase of life. I’ve experienced living in isolation at various times, and it lead to a sceptical line of thought, but I managed that through accepting change and feeling satisfied with where I am. The Transition is about acknowledging the sadness of change, whilst providing an escape from it.”

Songs like the lead single The Garden show a maturity, depth and thoughtfulness beyond his years. Randy and Susan, a song about love, betrayal, greed and getting old, was made up from various stories David collected at his day job as a caretaker. It was written as a companion piece to Hey Stranger, “a poignant tale of a disappeared friend” (Mojo) from his collaborative release with Peter, and an attempt to make peace with this unresolved situation.

In contrast, For Catherine E. Coulson came about after David watched all of Twin Peaks in one block, which inspired him to write a wild punt for the new season’s soundtrack, a tribute to the actress who played the infamous Log Lady.

After opening for the legendary English ensemble and his now label colleagues Penguin Cafe at London’s Royal Festival Hall, David decided to write a song For the Penguins. And it’s not hard to imagine it being played by a group of twelve rather than just by himself, especially after Peter contributed additional strings.

“When I first heard The Transition, I felt it was a giant leap for someone whose music was already at a place that went beyond any possible expectations. Lucky for me David was open to me making some contributions of my own on the album, allowing me to forge an even deeper connection to this beautiful and sometimes troubling music.” — Peter Broderick

Winter will hopefully see David return to European shores in support of The Transition. Until then, this full length released November 2nd is the closest we can get to the curious mind of David Allred.

Praise for David and Peter’s collaborative album, Find The Ways:

“Otherworldly magic… the pair have a knack for rendering the strange normal and the normal strange” 8/10 — Uncut

“A convincing example of the idea that less is more…well worth the few listens it takes

to decompress into their sparse sound world” — Mojo

“Sparse and beautiful… David Allred and Peter Broderick have created something rather special” — The Line Of Best Fit

“The Kings of Convenience album we didn’t even know we needed in these dark, dark days” — Self-titled

“Find The Ways is way out there in a genre all of its own” — The Morning Star

Per informazioni: www.erasedtapes.com



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